Desiree Thomas
Toronto Photographer




Why are they important?

Lightroom presets are important given the following advantages:

·      The location they are intended to be used in. Some are available for nature, while some for scenic beauty, while some for beaches, sunrises, and sunsets.

·      Some set of Lightroom presets are perfect for food photography. They give you that realistic feeling and enhance the freshness of your dish. Only your phone cameras without such presets may not be able to do justice to food photography.

·      Outdoor landscape shooting which brings out the best and vibrant colours also needs a certain kind of exclusive preset.

·      For warmer hues and more detailing for crisp and charismatic appearances, there are presets created with the latest technology that induces these effects in pictures.

·      Even if you are intending to conduct a photo shoot with a historical or architectural backdrop, you can use Lightroom presets made according to that kind of setting.

·      Some presets come with a mix of all the above-mentioned categories. You can invest in such a pack if you need such edits on a daily and frequent basis, like a professional photographer.

For a social media influencers, or even anyone else, their pictures on sites like Instagram and Facebook speak a lot about them. That is why make sure you get yourself clicked in the best way using these presets.  

Can these presets cater to pictures at any location?

Yes. Pictures taken in both indoor and outdoor settings can be edited using Lightroom presets. Given the set of presets you choose, they will be particularly designed to enhance the appearance of your pictures.

What if I don’t shoot in Raw.

That is no problem. Presets can be used on jpegs as well.

Can you create your own presets?

Of course. But you may not know exactly what will sit well with clients. Also, creating presets needs exclusive skill and plenty of learning. It is much more economical and time-saving to invest in already existing presets instead of going on to create your own.